Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Renew a social security number

Your social security number will be issued by the Government. It allows you to work on Canada and get access to programs that the Government and the benefits sponsored. All visitors who can Canada, temporary residents and citizens applying for a social security number. Children can get your own number if you are under the age of 12. Social security number is 9 digits long. If the first number is a nine indicating it is a temporary worker (not a citizen or permanent resident). These figures have expiration dates and must be renewed before expiring.Difficulty: EasyInstructionsThings you need: DocumentsFee1Compile primary documents that you need. The Government requires a primary document that identifies you and your status in the country. Acceptable documents include citizenship, issued by the ICC study permit allowing worksheet or visitors. Or can one diplomatic identity card and a "employment authorization note" issued by the Foreign Affairs and international trade Canada. 2Get another if the name of the main document is different than the ones you currently support document. The supporting document can be a certificate of marriage, adoption orders or other original documents (not copies) at your local to a social security number renewed Service Canada Centre Court document. 3Bring legal name change to obtain certificate be. Wait until a replacement card fee. In 2010, the fee is $10 depending on the Service Canada.

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