Friday, December 17, 2010

Reporting abusive practices in the Board of Directors of the labour force

The National Labor Relations Board or Board, is responsible for the statement of allegations of unfair labour practices by the workers, employers and trade unions. The NLRB enforces the National Labor Relations Act, the rights of workers to trade unions and collective agreements. The NLRA also governs the unfair trade unions as such as the refusal to negotiate with the employees in good faith. Allegations of unfair labour practices should the NLRB who will then investigate the complaint.Difficulty: temperate EasyInstructions1Contact information officer. A load of unfair labour practices should be placed first the attention of the NLRB information officer in the area in which the violation occurred. The NLRB website can give you the address of the nearest NLRB Office of the workplace. The information officer discuss the procedure for the processing of complaints and provide you an overview of process. 2Fill examination, the necessary forms. To be timely, file you a complaint of unfair labour practices six months after the alleged injury. You can provide the information in your area officer with the corresponding forms for filing the complaint. Under General NLRB form 501 is used, to a complaint against an employer and NLRB form 508 uses a complaint against a trade union or its representative. Can copies of these forms the agent information or online at the NLRB website. get 3Confer with information about the process agent. To ensure that your complaint within NLRB cover falls, discussing the facts which led the charge with the information officer. He or she can advise you jurisdiction and help about the NLRB, forms produce that you installed, a formal Anklage to initiate and alsForward process\r. 4Comply investigation with the investigative process. After you made a formal complaint of unfair labour practices, the NLRB leads to UnenquĂȘte event to determine whether there is the assumption that an unfair act of work has occurred. The inquiry officer type all requested information and answer the questions that arise in the process. If the Board finally is sufficient reason to believe that a violation has occurred, attempts, arrange an agreement between the parties. However the regulation efforts fail, a formal complaint be granted and the case will be heard before an administrative judge Board.

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