Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rights and responsibility for employees

Employees have rights as regards the place of work. No employee should be harassing, discriminatory or denied time off the coast. However, an employee has responsibility, as the remaining free of drugs in the workplace, to notify the employer if taking a leave of absence and accurate reporting of working time. The employee's privacy must be respected by the employer, unless the employer to carry out a justifiable reasons a search. Employees are not equal OpportunityAn employment can be fired, stopped or denied employment because of race, nation of origin, sex, religion, disability or age. This is seen as discrimination and is illegal. Employees have a responsibility to others for the same reasons not discriminate. Characteristics of a person not work staff medical leave ActAny ethic.Family determine the time off the coast of pregnancy, adoption, need medical conditions or medical conditions has the right families take. Family medical leave act that employers be unpaid employees leave the above. The amount of free time varies, but it is usually 12 weeks within a period of 12 months. An employee must be to leave notice of so that the employer has the time to find that free temporary replacement.Drug ActUnder workplace free employer workplace drug Act, the employer has the right to keep the drug free workplace. This law requires no employer, employee drug testing, but the employer has this option. However, the employee has rights when it comes to be tested for drugs. An employee developed drug testing has the right, all positive drug challengesdiscrimination, if it believes that the test are ingenaue. For example, sometimes report tests on prescription drugs, an employee may take under staff orders.WagesAn doctor has the right to receive payment, an employer has provided for all working hours. If an employee works overtime, you must be paid for hours at a discounted price. Step all employers a rate of overtime must be numbers, but all employers the employee overtime pay. No employee can be paid less than minimum wage, the $7.25 is with a few exceptions. Employees have a responsibility to work hours, where the employer reported. An employee took flight time may be terminated and the WorkplaceEmployees prosecuted.Privacy have the right to privacy in the workplace. Employers seek not the employee's personal effects without the consent of the employee. If the employer has reasonable grounds, an employer can find employees property. An employee has the responsibility, frankly, while working and complying with corporate policies. For example, no employee can fly the employer. If the employer has reason to believe that a flight was committed, he can find an employee for stolen goods.

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