Friday, December 10, 2010

Standard maternity leave policy

Employers can create your own policy on maternity leave until he is not in conflict with federal or law. Federal law requires to do not employers provide paid time off the coast of maternity leave, but it requires some employers to offer unpaid leave. Some States, including California, require an employer to maternity leave. Federal LawUnder family and medical leave Act (FMLA), an employer must employing 50 or within a 75 mile radius a workers provide up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave to care for a child during the first year. This is true for newborns, adopted children and children at home take by the feeder system.CoverageAn employees leave under the FMLA, she worked in the same place of work for at least a year and at least 1,250 hours of the previous year. Parental leave applies to employees both men and women. A pregnant mother can leave before birth, if it medically required necessary.Employer PoliciesEven if the employer the directive provides no maternity leave, the employer to provide maternity leave by law. If a company is granted other types of paid annual leave paid - such as medical or personal - be employers may have to provide leave for expectant and new parents.

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