Friday, December 10, 2010

To get a visa working UK

If you want to work in the UK, you need a work permit and a work visa. Permits work permits (UK), available only for a specific job, thanks to a specific employer. Some situations may without a permit, but work allow: for example, if you are resident in the European economic area (EEA) remain Swiss nationality, a citizen of Gibraltar or a citizen of the Commonwealth United Kingdom UK, need a work permit. Work visas are issued to foreigners who have not already established in the United Kingdom, but want to work. Once you are guaranteed a job, get a good UK visa.Difficulty: ModerateInstructionsThings you need: UK work PermitPassportSupporting PhotoBiometric DocumentsPassport size fingerprints1Get employment with a company based in the United Kingdom. You can get a work permit and then search for a job. You must first have the job offer. Escape of artist's website has an international side jobs, where you can find companies that rent in England and Wales. BUNAC is a non-profit organization which places students in positions in the UK for up to six months. Your UK employer BUNAC website offers more information about these positions 2Ask to apply for a work permit. Even if you get a job to the UK, your employer actually has file for the work. You need at least 8 weeks before are coupons to your work UK visa due to start working. 3Gather to communicate with work permit (UK). You need photo pass a valid passport, previous passport and a color, not more than 6 months before your application taken. If you are single, be a certificate of marriage, Sch prepared,to show eidung or death. Must show that you can be financially with an original (printed from the Internet), bank statement support more evidence for your result after tax from all sources. If you never a crime, to gather the official record of conviction convicted were. Must employers to provide the original of your UK work from your and the offer of employment or contract; Make sure that your employer sends this information to start the application process. 4Submit your online visa application. (See resources). 2009, Apply for a visa work UK costs $366, can pay by credit card if you have a the online. 5Make request appointment to take biometric fingerprints. All UK visa applicants are now required to have biometric fingerprint to your nearest visa application centre. United States Department of Homeland Security has effectively manages visa. 6Take UK biometric fingerprint biometric fingerprints. You need to make an impression of the completed application, confirmation of payment and confirm your biometric appointment. Make sure that your fingerprints have no cuts or decorations on you. You have from your digital camera to the appointment of fingerprints, so be ready to come without a hat and sunglasses. Enter headcoverings for cultural or religious reasons, but your face must be completed application package visible. 7Submit within two weeks following their appointment of biometrics. This time, add the original request, your support, photography, and payment for the application and biometric fingerprint confirmation documents. If you live in the United States, send the request to the AMTE frontier UK British Consulate General in New York, Chicago or Los Angeles, depending on where in the country that you live. 8WaitApplication visa. Most applications take approximately 10 working to address, but you should start the process of at least 5 to 10 weeks before you leave.

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