Friday, December 10, 2010

To receive a visitor's visa Bahrain

Kingdom Bahrain, a small island in the Persian Gulf has a thriving economy with emphasis on oil. Index of economic freedom, a research and teaching of thinking supported wrote the promotion of the principles of free enterprise Bahrain Freeest Middle East has economy. People who go use after Bahrain to economic opportunities or you just enjoy the beauty and the pace of life that can archipelago complete the procedures necessary to obtain a resident visa.Difficulty: to enable the ModerateInstructionsResidency Permit1Apply for a residence. 2Attach (see resources) of the labour market regulatory authority registration form a visa (see resources), copy of passport of the employee, copies of passports of the employee's family, a letter of sponsorship of the employer, a copy of the contract of the employee and a copy fees each member 3Pay $54 (from October 2010) family health records. Obtain your visa in General, nationality or residence of the Passport. The visa is valid for the period of employment. Members of the family of the holder of a visa can not work.Work Visa1Submit an application for a work visa at the General Directorate of nationality, passport and residence (see resources). 2Submit visa application form passport photo format passport, a letter of sponsorship, a copy of the contract of employment, a health record, the employee. 3Renew to charge ($54 October 2010) your work visa for expiration date. It depends on work visas of your work, but expire every one or two years, according to the conditions of employment.

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