Friday, December 17, 2010

Understand your rights under the family leave act

Health and family leave Act allows employees up to 12 weeks take leave without pay per year for the family or the reasons.Difficulty medical: EasyInstructions1Know family and medical is moderately leave Act (FMLA) a federal law enacted in 1993 developed so as to make workers to pass member. 2Understand, FMLA for your business without payment for the birth of a child or a sick family if it has fewer than 50 employees for at least 20 weeks of the year to ensure. All schools and authorities must with the law, regardless of their size. 3Realize can meet for the birth of your child, or if you adopt a child, or get a child. You can also take the time for a spouse, parent or child to ensure the serious health problems. You can take time for yourself if you health have a severe condition 4Take, up to 12 weeks leave in blocks of time, the size you want in a 12 month period. for taking the time you 5Know that won't, and your employer may require paid that use any unpaid leave first. 6Expect nearby that waits for you, your job or an equivalent post when you return. 7Continue use your health benefit, while you are way. Your employer must continue its for free of charge, as long as return to work for at least 30 days after you provide, under the condition of the leave. 8Be evidence should provide your it. 9Give application employer notice of 30 days, if you aware of the State. If not the case, as much notice as possible. 10Contact United States Department of labor of wage and the Division of time if you have problems with this law.

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