Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The United States employment laws

The u.s. Congress has several laws to protect the rights of workers in America. The most important of these laws include protection against fair and appropriate compensation and discrimination, harassment and dangerous workplaces. Each of these acts applies a certain federal agency. DefinitionU.S employment laws are technically the laws of the United States Congress adopted and proclaimed by the President. Because the laws are federal, apply in each Member State in the United States. This differs from the laws of the States, only for the specific country in which the law passed.Time FramesAs as a general rule, U.S. employment apply apply was laws as soon as you submit a request for a job. This means, for example, a disabled employees who submitted an application for employment, now protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act, which forbids employers, disability of the applicant, discrimination, even if the applicant is never really engaged. And when the applicant engaged laws for the employment relationship ends, apply what employment means that triggered the employee or employees never sign a contract of employment quits.FeaturesMost, which is unfortunate as an employment contract guarantees and important safeguards for employees, such as the minimum length of employment, minimum wage and much can offer more. Fortunately, U.S. laws on job many gaps which are otherwise in a contract of employment may be. In other words, u.s. employment laws offer protection for America.TypesEmployees America staff minimum wage must be paid while independently of the sex paid and paid additional (equal), to the rémun (multiply by 1.5)Basis-Account) are prohibited for hours worked over 40 in a week.Employers employees on grounds of race discrimination religion, age, disability, national origin, sex, family situation,. Just as employers are employés.Federal prohibited harassment law employers secure jobs required by certain minimum regulations such as their remote worksite must stay to work the USA lines.IdentificationEach like by an appropriate way of energy electrical law such as such as the equal employment opportunity Commission, the Department of Justice, safety and health administration wage and hour of the U.S. Labor Department Federal agency applied are preserved. If at any time you believe that your employer may have violated your rights under U.S. federal law, please contact one of these agencies to discuss your case. Or by contacting the U.S. Department of Justice, may you identify you in the right direction.

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