Monday, December 20, 2010

Using the internal flight bar

Internal flight is employing means that someone from the company steal. In a bar, there is perhaps no one bartender for hostesses for cooks or the cleaning staff. No owner wants this problem but it is a reality for many employers. It must be dealt with quickly, but all are legally taken by the employer should be done. Get unsupported allegations to find the truth. Dealing with domestic flight is best done through prevention first, and then a manner.Difficulty reflected, legal: check and prevent the Vol discourage policies that keep your staff behavior ModerateInstructions1Enact bar as a Hang-Out point for employees, if you do not work. Make your employees to know that keep strict tabs bar camp. Prohibit the bartenders to manage the exchange of money from the registry. Develop a standard way to integrate, tax advice that can you evaluate how much everyone every evidence of financial night. 2Gather is that someone has stolen your business. You need to make these records in your case against the staff if you are brought before court on employment protection actions. In addition, when you start the author need these documents to make your case and to cope with. Assemble and all analyze your financial records inventory, sales and consulting can give you a better idea operating flight, if you don't already know. 3Install cameras and locks keypad to your cash desk and safes security devices to prevent theft. It also noted the activities of the staff and give you a better idea of who steals. In addition, these bands are also comAdow private employees suspected as evidence against thief 4Confront drastic measuren to take. Allow to explain or to tell his side of the story. It allows you to know his defence where th R├ęcompenserae situation is a legal question. If you are verified by his statement and it is necessary, physical evidence that he is a thief, his job to stop to put an end to your flight. In cases that are not clear, it is advisable that allow him to continue the work that you can find legal counsel, counsel. Meanwhile, you can still monitor their activities to determine whether it has changed their behavior or collect evidence can make a single procedure for the treatment of employees, your case. 5Develop to steal. Collect evidence, face, and then stop. If you the bad behavior of an employee to tolerate, it difficult to justify the termination of another employee if you emulate the same bad behavior later. Make collected an argument only and supported evidence strips you for all your actions including all employees fully understand. 6Keep all folders and security. You can now choose of the continuation of the employee for the stolen money. Proof you have accumulated will be your only way to prove your case is legitimized the judge. If an employee tries for employment protection actions continue you must justify your actions with these documents in addition.

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