Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Why was minimum wage adopted first law?

Minimum wage laws protect of workers against unfair wages and excessive working hours. You the prohibition of child labour. The recent federal SMIC hiking was in July 2009, when it is passed to $70 cents to 7.25 per hour. HistoryBitter strikes Australia and in New Zealand urged these countries adopt minimum wage laws in the 1890s. The United States has the reward, not legislate until 1912 as Massachusetts one of women and children, who was working hours long with little wages.Help WayFranklin Roosevelt influenced the first State to create a note that his girl in 1936 asking for help, that "200 girls" had more than half of the $11 per week at $4 to $6 per week cut their salaries. Congress a bill from 1923 to better pay killed to help workers, but this time the he 1938 with a minimum wage of $0.25 per hour and 44 hours of work week.Minimum WageThe State minimum wage law which worker must pass "Health, efficiency and overall well-being" maintained by the minimum wage "without limitation job." Thirty-one countries have increased in 2009 increase the minimum wage in Germany. At least $7.25 had 20 States including the District of Columbia or more recovered.

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