Monday, December 20, 2010

With the HIPAA privacy issues

Mandate health insurance portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), to simplify and standardize data has developed a range of privacy issues, by it easier to collect, use and distribute your personal information. IssuesUnder HIPAA privacy, increased the number of people with access to your health information. In addition to the doctors, medical staff, insurance agents, and billing clerks have access. While doctors have ethical obligations to keep your confidential information, there is no obligation to the others.Who has access? Centralization and medical databases of the information networks transfer makes it more difficult to ensure the security of your information on the health of unauthorized computer access attacks drives stolen or malicious software.Unauthorized UseUnder HIPAA, your health information may be used for treatment, payment and health operations. However, can the parties that use access to your health information for other purposes. For example, provider you can the market a certain type of drug or health treatment.Government MonitoringSince one of the objectives of the HIPAA is easier to access health information is to be feared that this will make it easier Government monitor for or access your information without traditional against Government monitoring protective measures, as for example a court order.Privacy ProtectionsHIPAA privacy rules of the guidelines as "covered" health care providers should follow in terms of use, disclose and protect of your health information. Health care providers need your consent before using your health information except in bestimmtenSituationen.

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