Thursday, December 23, 2010

Work for the Israel & us visa policy

United States and Israel both need visa for employment and provide a number of ways for naturalization and citizenship. Workers who want to get visa must be specifically identified skills in multiple Exchange. They require an employer sponsorship. Working in the IsraelVisas working in Israel confined to certain professions, such as maintenance and construction. Your employer must apply, for the approval of the Ministry of the Interior and the work permit indicated on the licence is limited to the period of time. Israel once permission for one year renewable although limited to certain workers in permit.Working are the United States occupation United StatesThe have multiple visas for certain professions, such as R visas for religious workers, and certain professions goals or temporary agriculture and seasonal requirements. Although the United States have special visa programs place is visa, no program of this kind available for Israelis.Paths for some countries, like for example Canadian TN naturalization and CitizenshipBoth. USA and Israel maintain programs, the work permit to permanent residents.

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