Tuesday, December 21, 2010

You can effectively, if a tourist visa USA?

Each year millions of people join the United States on a temporary basis as a visitor for pleasure, tourism, business visa or medical treatment. A visitor visa limited what you can do while you are in the country. VisaUnder visitors tourist visa for visitors to the United States may not for American businesses to work and to the United States before ProgramIf waiver you enter the date on your visa.Visa United States specified, leaving a country, the participation at the tourist or business visa waiver program took less than 90 days, you have no visa.QualificationsIf you qualify for the exemption from visa, you must prove, your trip to the United States is for business, pleasure or medical treatment, and that you plan after a certain time period.ApplicationYou for your visitor's visa for the U.S. consular office in the country should apply where they are resident to leave. An interview is where rule depart required.DocumentationYou your intention by the United States should demonstrate. A return ticket, proof of your employment outside the United States or dependent information is sufficient.Work to enable PermitIf you want in the United States a temporary work, your employer must submit the application. Are the United States employees will join on temporary visas.

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