Monday, December 20, 2010

Act on minimum wage in Jamaica

The Jamaica minimum wage law 22 December 1938 was adopted to ensure that no person employed one unpaid excessively low wages. The law authorises the Minister of labour and social security minimum wages for different categories of workers set. Minimum wage Act work DaysThe providing every day of the week may as a day's work, except for Sundays and holidays are considered. Working days is a maximum of eight hours and weeks is a maximum of five eight hour WorkersThe days.Categories Minister of labour may set a minimum wage according to the type of work a person. For example, a domestic worker (such as a servant in a private residence) 800 must 1996, $ for a week of 40 hours, and $30 per hour for hour over the allowed 40 get. On the other hand, a security guard is $40.50 paid time five eight-hour day. Minimum wage increases to $60.75 time after the first 40 hours.that much seems actually $800 $ Jamaican (JMD) is only $ 9.44. By 2010, the exchange rate for $1 JMD only $0.01 USD.Prosecution ViolationA resident magistrate can an employer who is not the minimum wage applicable as the wage minimum Act.Burden de ProofIf, one employer below minimum wage, figures shown paid continue to prove that he can not less than the minimum wage.FinesWhen recognize an employer, the resident magistrate figures impose a $100 fine. The judge may impose a further fine of $20 per day, until the employer in compliance. The employer must pay its workers pay back on the minimum wage.

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