Monday, December 20, 2010

Industrial Relations Act 1967

1967 Labour Relations Act provides the legal basis to formally recognize and regulating collective bargaining between employers and trade unions in Malaysia. It is used for the protection of workers to prevent abuse and shut down the production by the strike negotiations. SectionsThe law is divided into 10 parts marked as Roman numerals. The first section defines the rest of the law, while the retail items, the remaining roles of the Union, the employer and the Director-General of relations.UnionsThe industrial law sets the process, allowing you a Union officially can be detected. Then it protects the rights of the Union by create a venue for workers call dripping practices or unfair dismissal employer.EmployersWhile employer abuse prevent employees, the provisions of the Act was also right of the owner of the company, an employee reasonable reasons persist. The law prohibits trade unions walk work when the employer willing negotiate.Director is Y Act gives powers to the Director-General Industrial Relations Department to differences between capital and labor to convey. Parties may submit the dispute or Director can choose own volition.ConciliationThe relationships to ensure Act intervene helps wages and profits.If, is a matter for review by the Director-General, prohibits the law a further action to take both parties reach a decision. The employer cannot be locked or close economic and workers can strike.EnforcementThe parties in a case referred to in the Department must work relations correspond to all decisions arising. In addition dieGesetz criminalized Bedrohungen (or real) type lesions, demotion, or drag.

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