Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Aruba employment laws

Work on an island in the Caribbean looks like a dream. Aruba, located in the small Caribbean outside the hurricane belt, South Caribbean is a popular destination for Americans want living the island life. But employment and legislation work varies from one country to another. Her dream, a nightmare to keep, you should know the laws where you are working on finding a job. Work HoursAruba labour legislation sets standards for a week to a maximum of 8 hours per day for a five-day work week 42½ hours per week and not exceed 8 hours per day, should exceed 45 hours per week, working six days in the week. For companies, displacements, hotels, casinos and restaurants, is of a maximum of 48 overtime, the additional hours.OvertimeRates are defined by the law. Regular working days from Monday to Saturday, is the rate 150% of the employee's hourly regular ' see overtime on Sunday, holidays and days that regularly should be employee the interruption of the work the rate is 200% pay.Vacations HolidaysBy the right of the employee, every employee is given a minimum of 15 days of vacation per year and 11 paid holidays. Holidays include the day of the year, anthem and flag, birthday of Queen's day, day of Ascension on the Monday before Easter and Christmas.Labor AgreementsCollective, negotiations are Ash Wednesday in Aruba allowed by (Carnival Monday). Agreements normally two or three years. When the contract expires, the new agreements are negotiated. Most of the Agreement prohibits strikes or lockouts by employers during the C Mitarbeiterontract.Work permit all of foreign nationals in Aruba work must permit exotic integration, management policies and admission (DIMAS). AA prospective employer, who must be your sponsor to obtain consent. The employer is responsible for the permit application and the application fees to pay. You must specify a certificate of the police in your country of origin that you have no serious criminal convictions and the medical certification free of infectious diseases and you have no mental illness. Your employer must provide copies of help advertising in newspapers in Aruba wanted to prove placed no local qualified candidates could be, \na work permit is usually valid for one year and may be renewed. It may take up to 12 weeks of the licence issued.

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