Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Garnishment of salary cover is bankruptcy?

Wage garnishment of a single not paid content refers to a withdrawal of the Court of Justice debt or obligation. Attachment to cover unpaid credit card debt, taxes, child support, maintenance, invoices for services or other debts. There LimitsNo limit on the number of wage garnishments against a person. By the year 2010 attachment and overdue debts more may not exceed 25% of the remuneration of individual Nolo.com, but up to 50 percent of the compensation for maintenance for children or alimony.Automatic StayWhen individual applies to bankruptcy, the Court issues a "automatic stay" prevents creditors, collection agencies, and Government agencies continue fundraising efforts. The stay includes wage attachment procedures, foreclosures and evictions. Bankruptcy does not stop garnishment of wages for child support and alimony, although an individual could pursue temporary relief, FilingForBankruptcyOnline.com note .your BankruptcyThe filed bankruptcy chapter determines liability for debts after bankruptcy. Chapter 7 liquid that defines most debts and the liability of the debtor, chapter 13, bankruptcy to settle a repayment plan. For each, the debtor type which can case longer enjoy garnishment of wages for debts that contractually reports before the bankruptcy, Nolo.com.

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