Tuesday, December 21, 2010

As a citizen of the Thailand

To acquire Thai nationality is also complicated because the process is in another country. Are there minimum requirements on capacity residence and language as well as various documents and an application form to the application required. May be followed by a series of interviews and ceremonies completed application and up to three years. A Thai relative to individuals also Thai nationality are entitled Thailand born, what is needed is the application for a certificate of birth Thai .Difficulty Thai Embassy nearest: ChallengingInstructionsThings, need: citizenship application FormSupplemental documents5, 000 baht application feeNaturalization1Pick up an application form and document list police criminal investigation division Group 1 (suburb 3) Road service lie in Bangkok Rama I. You need to go in person to get the form. 2Complete requirements. It is necessary that the applicant have spent at least five years of legal residence in Bangkok and have a sufficient understanding of the Thai language. Assessment of the character is also a factor in eligibility; the applicant must be of good reputation and able to present two witnesses as his behalf 3Gather, the documents required to testify. Include: Analysis of the documentation work permit your address Thai, five copies each of your Passport, registration, registration of marriage translated (if applicable) Thailand, two copies of your identification card, two copies which witnesses as a guarantee for your character, copies of certificates of birth of women and their children (if applicable), three years of the two documents, the income tax documents check job salary, position and signature authoritatively check two document House data record documents educational context, a copy of your last statement (must contain at least 80,000 baht), aRecord (over the five years of residence), charity donations (the minimum is 5,000 baht), 12 passport photos, original of everything above and 5,000 baht application fee. 4Submit all documents in criminal investigation division Group I, subdivision 3 Bangkok Rama I road, police service. Take your two witnesses with you, sets a fingerprint scanning and approval. 5Sit for interviews (after approval) in a series of several wait visit the a Thai national anthem recital, contain a personal question test language interview interview document, interviews and take the oath of loyalty to the King. Interviews will expand on 1-2-3 years.Citizenship by Birth1Gather processing time required to signal a Thai birth certificate of birth or documents shall take. These documents contain: two copies of the birth certificate of the child in Thai translated and certified by the Ministry for foreign in your country of residence, two copies of the certificates marriage of her parents, two copies of the mother and father, two copies of identity and an image of the child 2Submit passports to get all documents to the Royal Thai Embassy countries birth. 3Wait five working days, approval and issuance of the certificate of birth child.

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