Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Make the minimum wage in California

The Ministry of work of the United States has set minimum wage standards that must respond to all States. Although these limits are designed every State has the capacity to improve the legislation for the best combination of public relations. The State of California has decided to improve this legislation. The employee usually preferable that although all employees and employers are subject to the laws of the State and federal, more employers are required to stricter legislation, meet, is. WageEffective minimum California has 24 July 2009, the Federal minimum wage for system event mask employees to $7.25 per hour increases. However, of California, affect the law of the State, since SMIC State increased to $8.00 per hour January 2008. This minimum wage applies to all system event mask employees, same service and end-to-city of San FranciscoAlthough maintained employees.The of California has a limit of minimum wage exceeds the requirement of the Federal Government, the city of San Francisco has found that the State minimum wage meets your needs. Effective increased January 1, 2009, San Francisco minimum wage your city $9,79 per hour. This is not a new process for the city. San Francisco has a history of establishing a minimum wage limit much higher than that of the State of California and the Government. In 2008 was the minimum wage is $ per hour. In 2007 the minimum $9.14 per hour and minimum wage for the city of San Francisco $2006 8.82 per hour.SheepherdersEffective January 2007, the State of California has increased the minimum wage for the shepherds $1200 per month to $1,333.20 per month. On the basis of this January 2008, the minimum wage increased to $1,422.52. The State of California excluded, that the compensation be com may think von meals, accommodation or fringe benefits and provisions needed for these aspects of payment.Meals and LodgingEmployers voluntary, get written agreements with employees who decide to pay a credit for meals and accommodation. Even with the voluntary agreement established the State imposes limits on the amount of credit that can be applied. January 2008, rooms occupy alone can not credited more $37.63 weekly. Quadruple rooms are limited to a total loan of $31.06 per week. Apartment credit receive more than two-thirds of the ordinary rental value and cannot exceed $451.89 per month. If a couple, with the same employer is busy apartment monthly is credit cannot exceed $620.91 per month. Meals are considerations for both maximum credit. Credits may not exceed $2.90 for breakfast, $3.97 for lunch and $5,34 for dinner.The, DisabledConsiderations for people with disabilities placed mentally and physically. Non profit organizations that employ people with disabilities can employ persons that is lower than the wage standards with disabilities at a price. To be eligible, non profit organizations should receive of Labor Standards Division special permission enforcement California.

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