Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Black Lung laws

In July 2007 the National Institute for health and safety at work, reported dead black up to 10,000 miners lung disease. Since the adoption of laws that protect these workers came into force deaths have declined significantly. Additional provisions in the form of financial benefits for those, who suffer from this condition. IdentificationBlack - lung disease, also known as workers - pneumoconiosis coal is a condition which was developed at the end of the 1800s of the mining industry in Europe and the USA. The disease is caused by the inhalation of dust during long periods of time. The result is scarred and dark fabrics lung, came to a premature death. Coal mining industry and the Government have forced after many years of debate was dealing with occupational risks in the area. As a result, a number of laws are in place to protect and maintain coal workers and their families more damage caused by this industry work.Coal ActThe coal mine health and Act also known as coal - Health Administration Act 1969 created security and safety in mines as a subdivision of the Ministry of the Interior. This Division deals specifically professional conditions in the mining and coal surface. As a result, annual inspections of mining and coal mining sites for companies in these industries are compulsory. The Act contains also a punishment for companies who knowingly violate security requirements. In fact, a general improvement in the standards of safety and health in the acetone was first parts of lung USA legislation law.Benefits enforceable black to go disease was 1969 Black Lung Benefits Act. This law is designed to financial compensation miners of coal, the black Lungenerkrankung developed. Because there is no cure for this condition, compensation to medical costs to support the life of the employee. Advantages of this Act provide for medical treatment, medical care, disability and survivors benefits benefits.Disability Trust Ove FundIn 1977 the Federal Black Lung Benefits Act has added an amendment in 1969. This marked the beginning of black lung disability Trust Fund. Its purpose is financial compensation in cases where business worker no longer exists. Income of the Fund is derived from the tax on companies in the coal mining industry. Act disability coverage and medical expenses for workers, the creation of the Act of 1969 coal disease.ConsiderationsSince black lung benefits, black lung disease number reduced to 90 per cent suffer. This decline stems from 1969 to 1995, but still reduced have since 1995 was not quantified. National Institute for health and safety at work, statistics show, that have actually doubled the rate since 1995. At the age of 30 years of workers advanced have developed black lung disease and severe cases. Cases of developing countries, where workers come in 40-50 age group are also concerns. These cases show still according to the Act of 1969 provided instead of coal dust claims me.

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