Wednesday, December 15, 2010

California agricultural industrial relations to be

Because fair Labor Standards Act farm worker excludes Germany, farm worker in California have protected their rights under the agricultural industrial relations act which exists, to promote trade union representation. Law is supervised by the Commission on relations of agricultural work in California. The RTA monitors elections organised and proceedings of unfair labour practices. HistoryIn 1933, the national industrial recovery Act was adopted to stimulate the economy and to protect of the rights of workers - in particular, the right of workers to bargain collectively by trade union representation. Due to the effective pressure of agricultural groups the implicit integrated and his incarnations later explicitly agricultural workers excluded. The State of California legislature in 1975 agricultural labour relations act adopted. It guarantees of agricultural workers, the same rights to unionize as other American labor relations ExécutifLa agricultural labor relations board, employees.Agriculture headquartered in Sacramento, consists of five members, by the Governor appointed. The Board of Directors must be confirmed by the Senate. The jury acts with several lawyers and one Secretary as an agricultural work disputes and monitored the elections. The RTA work arise from unfair demands. Instead it must wait a person, organization or company, the correct work of California agricultural workers as collective bargaining initiated relations ActMuch granted industrial recovery Act claim.Rights, most U.S. employees in the national from 1933, granted the guarantees California of agricultural labour relations act the right to a Trade Union represented. In accordance with the law the Mitarbeiterlandwirtschaftliche és have "to unite the right and for a representative, a Union, the right to choose the campaign; the elections to refer to all employees with management of wages, hours and working conditions" Their representatives, the management as you read negotiators recognized by; Act the right together without solving interference and discrimination, the problems of workers in agriculture. and the right to any part of this activités.Le ProcessA must refrain from choice of the agricultural workers group vote, be represented. These elections are supervised by the RTA. The first required step is everyone on the advantages and disadvantages of belonging to a trade union or other means to inform. The Union has a goal to deliver, the employers and access file. Once it is filed, workers can organize Union openly talk about the site. 10 Percent of workers must sign at least a petition to the file for an election with the RTA. Interested in an election staff name by the RTA will be treated confidentially. Paperwork then appropriate must with the employer, the CRTA and surrounding trade unions are stored. The election day, the ALRA PracticesThe vote.Unfair to monitor Council travel limited the arrival fair and unfair labour practices. To keep employees, refuge of threats, intimidation and coercion, tried agricultural industrial relations Board fees and complaints about employer, your staff listens to keep unionizing. Promoted to low cost are the Board to maintain these costs often resolved finishes up unfair work.

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