Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Set relations work and trade unions

Since the 19th century American work force groups organized workers of same or similar fields are. Several labour laws have been created to manage the inner workings of their relations with employers and trade unions. European Union are organizations employees acting group as collective bargaining and negotiations. The most powerful Union is collective bargaining. This allows employers as a group to negotiate with the members, established rather than as individuals.Private SectorThe national labour relations act of 1935 for fundamental rights for workers and employers in the private sector. He created also in the National Council of relations du travail, whose main function is specified as "to prevent and eliminate unfair labour practices".SectorMost public employees in the public sector by the Authority Act of 1978 creates civil service reform federal labour relations are covered. This law allows the force to "organize, bargain collectively and to participate in the work of the organizations of their choice in decisions their professional lives."

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