Friday, December 10, 2010

Definition of the HIPAA business partners

Health insurance portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a federal law that protects the personal information contained or electronic health. HIPAA is included for covered entities: plans for health, health and health care providers to transmit the information electronically. HIPAA, also applies to the staff of the covered entities. Business partners, the third DefinitionEntities depending on covered by HIPAA associates business called to health complete certain transactions. An associate leads with typically tasks for a covered entity to deal of personal health information. These tasks can include: processing or administration. Analysis of data processing or administration. Management.DisclosureHIPAA allows the entities check, invoice or an advantage of using to the pass, the minimum amount of personal information to a partner to complete its work. Minimum disclosure refers to personal medical information for treatment of health or payment and operations. Handling the coordination and management of health care include insurance eligibility and determination; payment includes Administrative or financial activities include operations necessary for business.Written AgreementHIPAA giving requires that personal health information will be treated confidentially covered entities assurances from business partners. The law requires a written agreement between an entity covered and Associates, protect the confidentiality of health information form passed. Contracted written agreement or another written AgreementHIPAA requires an agreement between entities covered form writing.Terms and that zugehöprevious commercial written information specific contain disclosure and protection of personal information. The Act requires the agreement to restrict disclosure of Personnelsinformation health to the minimum required to perform a task. The agreement must contain information about health privacy and remedies for unintended disclosure.ExemptionsHIPAA provides certain exemptions for the company map requirement, including recommendations of the patient for medical treatment. For example, if a hospital means a patient to a specialist for the treatment, the law requires no written agreement. In addition, if a doctor refers to a patient in a test lab, the law requires no written agreement.

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