Friday, December 10, 2010

Discrimination in the workplace for immigrants

Diversity is an important driver of business success. Companies hire people of from different backgrounds, because it brings new opportunities and new ways of thinking. It is also your minority status to others because of the illegal discrimination. Laws against discrimination in the workplace to protect immigrants who may differ from the majority of ethnic, religious or ethnic origin. While the workforce is now more diverse than ever before, yet discrimination took place. Immigrants in the WorkplaceImmigrants were a key element in the growth of American history. Furthermore, the New York Times, immigrants today don't just take on low-skilled jobs and workers: the most 25 largest urban areas of the country, working immigrants more work than professional white collar in areas such as industry and services. Take fresh ideas for a long time of immigrants and new perspectives bring in the middle of work, the may in turn innovation and the growth.DiscriminationHowever immigrants still face discrimination in the workplace. Statistics 2009, the last year available show that increased complaints of discrimination on the basis of national origin by 5%, and religious discrimination claims increased 3%. Complaints of discrimination at work remain at historically high levels, equal employment opportunity Commission in the 2009 fiscal year (ending September 30), the second level in its ProtectionsStill history.Legal saw such as 93,277 complaints, there are laws to prevent this kind of discriminatory behaviour. In 1964 Congress protects passed Title VII of the Civil Rights Act pMenschen against discrimination in employment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or nationality. Employers have a Politik of zero tolerance for discrimination because it is illegal and targeted workers can legal action.Fighting DiscriminationImmigrants that are reoffend victims of discrimination in the workplace must file a complaint with the equal employment opportunity Commission. To this end, a person must suitable for certain information, including the names of parties and employers, offensive and are prepared an overview of the problem type. To get under the Civil Rights Act of 1991, the Court can victims of employment intentional discrimination monetary damages.Ethics training people often stereotype other grant, that different from fear and misunderstanding. Ethics training can reduce these problems of the diversity in the workplace. By teaching people on other races and culture, and promoting the open conversation and the flow of information, employees overcome their restraint and begin to see colleagues unknown as real people, not scary.

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