Friday, December 17, 2010

Definition of the law federal minimum wage

Fair (EDF) labour standards Act provides the Federal minimum wage law in the United States. Since then is the Federal minimum wage on 24 July 2009, $7.25 per hour. States can make your own minimum wage laws. Many state laws of the Federal minimum wage minimum wages equally placed. A lower minimum federal State minimum wage applies to employers subject to the EDF. CoveredHospitals businesses, schools and authorities are explicitly by doctor minimum wage requirements covered. In addition, each company interstate commerce and their gross sales or commercial transactions is involved at least $ 500,000, adhere to the EDF. Domestic service workers have the right, the Federal Republic, if you work at least eight hours per week or earn at least $1,500 a year.Tipped EmployeesServers restaurant are minimum wage usually "employees tip."An employer can pay their workers below a reward when employees earn at least $30 an hour in tips. In 2009, Germany end minimum wage for employees is $2.13 an hour. An employer who needs this provision uses employee shares in advance and be able to show that its employees earn less full federal minimum wage, when direct wages and tips are combined.subminimum WageVocational students and data transfer rates lower than the statutory minimum wage can be used trainees. People whose Produktionskapazität modified by physical or psychological injury, can a lower wages. An employer can use a certificate issued by the Ministry this absent provision work. This provision is designed to employers to hire disabled support people and it possible you someone learning the student trade.YouthMinimum WageAn individual younger than 20 at $4.25 per hour for the first 90 days of employment can be paid out. Prohibited employers move current employees use the youth minimum wage EDF. Also Executive are moving Partiellements, such as the reduction of hours an employee or benefits, Federal SMIC prohibited.ExemptionsAn regulations.Some staff in areas closely defined is excluded by the doctor provisions excludes minimum wage. Executive, administrative and professional staff are exempt from the doctor minimum wage provisions. To qualify the exemption, Executive earn at least $455 per week in content and the managing authority. These exceptions apply only to the "white collar" employees currently at the Office or non-manual work.

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