Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Department of Industrial Relations Act

Malaysia Industrial Relations Division designed an act in 1967, called the Industrial Relations Act. This Act regulates the requirements of the employer for employees and work as an employee strikes-related issues. Descriptionthis Act provides an overview of labour laws in trade-related matters. The law is divided into 10 different parties and suitable explains the procedures for matters between employers and workers or trade has multiple targets unions.PurposeThe Department of Industrial Relations Act. It includes requirements for employers that detail the rules that you should follow for questions relating to work with employees. This law provides rights to employees and human trafficking prevention and dispute resolution methods employees and employers. This law was for the protection of workers placed and trade unions.ProvisionsThis Act focuses are negotiated on the differences in dispute resolved between employers and employees should be and, but the Government intervention can take place if both parties agree. This law gives the rules to strikes and commercial disputes between workers and employers.

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