Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Labor law

The relationship between labour and management is complex and confrontation. Views of trade unions, for or on the other hand, are usually strong. The nature of trade unions makes it an interesting aspect of a system of free trade. By some as the monopoly entities and other protective considered human labor unions occupy a unique place in the American economy. Two laws rules specifically industrial relations management and its own members. HistoryUntil the employer 1930s were free, spy on threaten to fire workers to join trade unions. The tension between management and trade unions reached new heights in 1933 when no longer functions, swept strikes and violent conflict of the country. Congress passed the national labour relations Act (NLRA) 1935 employees guarantee the right to join trade unions organized. Almost 25 years later, the labor management reporting and the Act of 1959 on disclosure was created to the Union members.FunctionThe National Labor Relations Act guarantees workers the right to join organizations of working on and participate in collective bargaining. The NLRA workers is also the right to join such unions unless it is a condition of employment to refuse. The labor - management reporting and act on the mandates of 1959 for the trade unions, the management of EU funds and annual financial reporting.AdministrationThe containing national labor relations act with regard to the internal elections follow procedures to create rules to an administrative authority. The National Labor Relations Board is responsible for the compliance with the principles of the law and incidents of unfair labour practices to examine a panel of five members. The Department of Arbeiterstellt the Office of labor - management standards to .BenefitsIn lab management promised to enforce reporting and disclosure (LMRDA) if given accession time enough, was raised a Trade Union law to someone, freedom hosted discussions Board of American workers. The LMRDA contain Union members Bill of rights the detailed the rights granted to members including "Hearings" full and fair charges against you and the right to participate in Union National Labor Relations Board elections.ConsiderationsThe consists of two parts: the Council and the General Counsel. The Board of Directors, according to the Board "as decision cases on the basis of formal records." "Administrative quasi-judicial body" of the Attorney General features include and prosecute cases of unfair labour practices. These laws apply to workers in the private sector, while by the law on the reform of the public service are protected co-sponsored.

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