Thursday, December 23, 2010

Employment for foreigners law USA

The Ministry of work of the United States is responsible for the articulation and implementation of Lawas workplace that apply to all workers, including foreigners. If you receive the proper certification may be foreign citizens able to legally in the United States to work if he can demonstrate that qualified ready there and not enough us, to fill this position. VerificationEmployers helps United States want to hire foreign workers, who are already resident only legal staff in the United States, to engage such as those with green cards or must work. At the time of setting the worker thread is required, valid copyrights and legal approval in the United States proof work to present. The employer is also legally required these documents as prerequisite for employment.CertificationBusinesses want us to check resident must rent foreign workers abroad which apply for certification by the hand of the work of the U.S. Department of labor, indicating that it provides enough and qualified available to do the job. Once certification has been granted, the company can find workers. If the company chose an employee, it must then a petition US citizenship and immigration services to offer, a visa so worker.Wages and BenefitsUnited States right work discrimination wages and benefits on the basis of citizenship does not allow. Foreign workers are entitled to salary and benefits are equal to the American workers in similar jobs.

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