Thursday, December 23, 2010

US labour

The right to the work of the United States integrates a combination of federal and state laws wages, working conditions, work, security and trade unions as well as the protection of workers against discrimination. Unlike many other Western countries in the United States the conventions of the international organization of work of labour work has not ratified, and all laws for the protection of workers in the country are internally derived. HistoryFor much of American history, hire and fire of employment on the basis of unregulated supply and demand; Employers can hire staff fire for some reason or completely absent. Regulations have been implemented, however, in the 1940s. The Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the family and medical leave act of 1993, has provided specific protection for minorities, disabled persons and otherwise invalid or sick. The Fair Labor Standards Act since 1938 minimum wages and other compensation measures protected. The basis of Trade Union law was created much earlier. 1842 instead of the Commonwealth v. Hunt that trade unions were legal, although this decision was reversed and restored UnionsToday since.Regulation, national labour relations act explicit permission from workers in the private sector unions. The law prohibits discrimination for workers on the basis of membership in a Union and the refusal of the company with the trade unions to negotiate the representative of the employees. The Act not covers the members of the public sector but. Public servants are beyond trade unions in any protected right guarantees freedom of Association and it contains provisions the RegierungNT to negotiate with the Trade Union sheepten could numbers and job fair Labor Standards Act Conditionsthe form.Regulation guarantees a minimum wage and overtime for all U.S. employees compensation in the public and the private sector. While the laws of the State can provide additional protection for workers, the minimum standards by federal law are defined. Pensions and healthcare are plans by the employee retirement income security Act, employees from discrimination because of their membership in almost every group regulated, while health safe working conditions are guaranteed and Act.Regulations against DiscriminationSeveral protect security laws. Beyond the above-mentioned acts, the age discrimination in employment, immigration control Act and protect Reform Act 40 workers and workers with atypical discrimination, immigration status. However, certain types of discrimination in employment are not explicitly prohibited by the Act, including discrimination on the basis of orientation.Regulations of sexual SecurityIn employment protection against discriminatory dismissals more, Federal Act provides for certain universal protection against unjustified dismissal. Labour requires adaptation and notices of the Rehabilitation Act of dismissal notice employers 60 days. However, there are many exceptions and gaps. Some States like California, has stricter requirements in this area.

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