Sunday, December 12, 2010

Employment for the rights of temporary agency workers

Workers deliver personal, the additional help seasonal rushes or permanent workers are on leave. Despite their status as provisional, temporary employees have rights to major work, and for certain eligible benefits. WagesAll workers must at least state minimum wage, paid be hours to get additional remuneration if necessary and receive your salary on a regular basis. Temporary workers are also eligible worker's compensation and unemployment federal insurance.BenefitsAccording, temporary employees who are working employers more than 1 000 hours over a period of 12 months become for the pension plans busy considering. Workers can the same legal basis as permanent workers for health insurance, according to the number of hours you worked and what kind of medical plan employer in place.Legal RightsTemporary have workers and are protected by law against discrimination on grounds of sex, religion, age, color, national origin, race or disability. Agency for employment and employers share the responsibility to ensure that workers are not discriminated against.

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