Friday, December 10, 2010

The Fair Labor Standards Act 1930

Set confirmed in 1938, the Fair Labor Standards Act in place federal laws wages and time standards that apply to workers in the private sector as the employees of Governments, State and federal. This law set standards that still apply to most employees and managed by the Ministry of labour, wage and hour Division. Rehabilitation Act established 40 hour work week. It set the standard for the payment of overtime as "hours worked over 40 in a week at a rate not less time and a half of your regular rate of pay," according to the Ministry of labour .Record KeepingRecords working and compensation received are required by law. Register wage and payroll accounting, sales and purchase records and collective agreements must be kept for three years. According to DOL "based documents, the calculations on salaries must be kept for two years." It associates working hours and wages of federal tables.WagesThe founded FLSA minimum wage rate. From 25 cents an hour, minimum wage was raised several times. The last increase in July 2009 increased to $7.25, that an act of hour.Child LaborThe boundaries for the work of minors conducted set. DOL intent of the provisions of child labour was to "work is safe and not endanger your health, well-being and educational opportunities."

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