Friday, December 10, 2010

How: drug testing of paper money

According to a study by the American scientist 234, 90% of the banknotes were traces of cocaine 18 cities of United States notes in 2009. It is not to say that 90% of all banknotes to snorting powdered drug were used. Estimated the number of used notes is much lower, but because of the way in which notes in vending machines in Bank, and tickets are processed, small quantities of drugs carried links on paper, and then click other notes. There are several different ways, you can test drugs on paper money.Difficulty: EasyInstructionsThings, need: note (s) drug wipe1Collect plenty of bank notes, so you can perform a good study. 2Purchase drugs wipe Kit. You can purchase easily online and bring, similar to a test for pregnancy or a small nimble wipe. November 2010, pregnancy costs $50 for 25 tests and wipes $200 for 50 test version tests. 3Take samples individually wrapped notes from applicator or cloth wipe of the note. Whether you are looking for a substance in powder, it should be during the paper. 4Record be distributed if tested positive or negative. Some tests will be to identify the type of drug and but still only answer Yes or no. Pregnancy trial a red line appears in the corresponding field and wipes to turn blue. Cocaine is the most common drug for how that most commonly found in powder form.

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