Thursday, December 23, 2010

German labour law

After the war, the German Government adopted legislation work for certain provisions of these two individual and collective labour law. Wilmer Hale made reference to Germany labour legislation as "Employee protection act" because of its bias in favor of the employees. Labour laws require that most companies standards on working days, days vacation pay minimum and working conditions should be maintained. German LawsThe work also known as the "Basic Law," Germany Constitution on 23 May 1949 adopted. Under the Constitution, the citizens can choose their occupation. Article 12 prohibits labour market Germany forced, while article 3 provides the Foundation for treatment at work. Other laws under the basic law includes privacy Federal paid leave Act, protection against dismissal Act labour law and law of Court Act.Work hours working time, the maternity protection act and the protection of young workers Act protect white collar work time workers and vocational trainees.German employees work from Monday to Friday. The German Constitution is, however, believes Saturday will be a working day. Sunday and public holidays are not business days. Although employees are not allowed, work on Sundays or public holidays, there are some exceptions.For part-time full-time (5 days a week) workers, you work just about anywhere from 35 to 48 hours per week. Germany labour legislation is very restrictive on hours of work. So for example if the employees would not exceed maximum amount of hours per week to k├Ânnender ensure rest periods and his daily work or law part-time reduce and regulates relations employment duration by Germany determines part-time workers. Part-time workers work littleHe hours as full-time workers in the specified range. An employee must work for the company for at least six months before petition, work for status.Minimum time PartielLois WageAlthough English are very explicit in a number of areas requiring Germany not formally a minimum wage for all employees rate. However, the German Government has recently approved a minimum prices in some sectors, including construction and postal sector. For example, January 1, 2010, the German Government has approved a minimum wage 8.02 euro had an hour, LeaveGermany sector.Maternity employees waste laws, the maternity benefit heavily pregnant and lactating women. Maternity protection is woman by the law on the protection of motherhood and regulation on the protection of maternity at Workplace.During pregnancy until four months after delivery, it can or published without prior notice. Employees are also eligible, a fully paid maternity leave starting six weeks prior to the date and ending at eight weeks after childbirth.Additionally, men and women to a maximum of three years per child paid parental leave are entitled. For the period of the paternal leave of employees may be terminated. While his father to leave employees part - work time .equality WorkplaceArticle 3 Germany Basic Act introduced the principle of equal treatment at work. The legislation covers, employees of any sex, race, nationality, religion, disability or political opinion code civil .Germany prohibits direct and indirect discrimination on grounds of sex of the candidate. The employer must provide protection for male and female employees in the workplace.

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