Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tanzania labour law

Tanzania labour compiled into huge employment and Industrial Relations Act. The Act covers almost all aspects of labour law and is a regulatory authority to monitor disputes between employers and employees. RegulationsThe Act has several general provisions, including a ban on the work of children (up to 14 years) and forced labour. In addition discrimination is prohibited in Tanzania employment, including for reasons of nationality, sex, pregnancy or HIV/AIDS status.FeaturesThe law gives more rights to workers extended. These include the law, trade unions, the right to strike and the right to a written contract and expectations work your act of employer.OversightThe statement created to hear a court work disputes between workers and employers. An interlocutory injunction, the Court may (but only with 48 hours in advance) issue in its sole discretion. In addition, the Tribunal is the Commission of mediation and arbitration in its sole discretion.

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