Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How to collect unpaid wages in the District of Columbia

Workers in the District of Columbia have administrative action for the collection of wages payable which by the employer. The payment of wages DC and collection of wage law requires employers to salary earned by an employee. The wages Act stipulates that "all the earned wages and promised;" "Pay" should "and in a timely manner to the termination of employment, salary," according to the Department of Services.Difficulty DC employment: ModerateInstructions1Phone Division DC Department of services wage and hours at 202-671-1880 2Ask for unpaid wages claim employment application form to you. 3Complete unpaid wages claim form in its entirety are sent. Among the exhibits as a time card or the schedule of hours worked. Sign and date the claim for unpaid wages form. 4Mail demand and documents on the direction of the DC Department of employment services wage and hours of: 64 New York Avenue, 3rd floor, Washington, DC 20002 5follow Sie-Up by phone during the five days to determine the status of your outstanding wage claim.

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