Sunday, December 12, 2010

Information worker cooperatives

Trade unions have played an important role in the history of American workers since the 1860s. Collections of workers in the same or similar fields allow trade unions to negotiate its members as a unit with employers. Trade unions enjoy a relationship developed with the Government - regularly with their rights and powers increased and decreased according to the political and economic climate. History protein extraction polymerization Knights of the order of the labour market was founded in 1869 and considered one of the first trade unions. The intention, all American workers to organize trade union members reached 700 000 in 1886. Violent conflicts and strikes in the 1870s and 1880s after the anti trust Sherman Act in 1890 has occurred. This law has limited the power of trade unions, who have their federal measures against companies, restrict the trade measures. Tide had turned trade unions in 1914, with the adoption of the Clayton antitrust Act of declared strikes, boycotts and other similar industrial action is legal. In 1935 saw the creation of the nation empowered to issue cease and practices.World refrain from in cases of unfair working end war War II orders labour relations Commission was change a drastic economy. Must the war had forced trade unions and companies together, but this relationship was short lived. At the end of the war the production needs of the country has decreased, which leads to lower pay for workers. Adoption of the Taft-Hartley Act 1947 limited union powers as it come across a period of 60 days before the requires. According to the Ministry for "established labour, Taft-Hartley a new legal balance in the labour management relations less assistance"rst├╝tzung.Gewerkschaften preferable. "The prosperity of the 1950s saw a decline in popularity of trade unions." This seems to be the model for the 20th century: workers are attracted by the perceived protect trade unions when economic times are tough.FunctionUnion enjoy collective - negotiate with the voices of all members, rather than as an individual. This adds more weight to applications such as work an entire enterprise, or a substantial part thereof, are unified in your wishes. The collective nature of the trade unions are designed by the Union as a whole, make sure that action.StrikesThere solidarity actions such as strikes and sit-ins have been a number of disputes between labour and management are degenerate into violence. Place Chicago Haymarket riot resulted in the death of eight police officers in 1886. Andrew Carnegie, Pennsylvania mill Homestead strike in 1892. It resulted in a shootout between thousands of workers and supporters and union Busters by management. Strike of 1894 was ended when ordered 500 Federal troops under control.ConsiderationsLabor bring President Cleveland 2 trade unions Pullman affect supply and demand, that limit the number of jobs available. As a library of the economy and freedom on your buy website "If trade unions successfully increase the price of work, employers of less of it." We are therefore anti-competitive of force majeure on the labour market. »

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