Sunday, December 12, 2010

The remuneration of work of the California compliance law

In California, the law requires all employers, insurance, regardless of the number of employees to wear. Errors to carry this coverage is regarded as a criminal offence and can lead to heavy fines or even imprisonment. Compensation insurance employer covers the insurance CoversAn employees who are injured at work or while in the performance of duties. It is considered "no-fault" insurance. Benefits can include medical care, temporary inability to work, permanent disability, overtime and benefits.How died CoverageMany insurance companies and agents of California workers ' compensation insurance. Comparison shop for a policy that meets your needs and provides the best protection for your business. Another option is to independently assured. It must submit an application to the industrial relations branch of the California. The request must be approved before auto insurance of a Option.wenn OccursIf might hurt someone at work injury, submit an application form to the employee within one business day the wound was submitted after you. In addition, it is illegal to punish fire or an employee in retaliation for filing a request for worker's compensation.

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