Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The law of the 1970 contract

Contract Labor Act of 1970 is a piece of the legislator India. The law was adopted to provide regulation for contract workers in various fields. Where he is AppliesThe Act for workplaces where work 20 or more, or persons employed 20 places of business or in the previous year more people. In addition, the Government can try other places of business are you 2 months before you apply a law to places of business is no longer exempt.ExemptionsThe where the work is performed and the Act to sporadically or "intermittent" in advance. This is the job for less than 120 days in the year of the procedure. Seasonal appeals running .FacilitiesThe Act mandates that certain facilities such as contractors.First AidFirst, canteens and toilets are provided, kits will aid is available for use by all employees.PenaltiesRefusal which comply with requirements laid down by the law of contract labour which is sanctioned prison and a fine up to three moths are "Broken work" for more than 60 days a year.

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