Sunday, December 12, 2010

Law on public contracts

As the national economy floundering during the great depression of the 1930s, President Roosevelt tried reform workpieces. Part public contracts Act, setting standards for the work carried out on at least 10,000 $ State providing future standards for private sector markets its new deal, the Walsh-Healey. HistoryPassed in the 1930s as a reform of work by President Roosevelt, the Walsh-Healey Act new federal labour laws on the Government contract work applied. Roosevelt had already tried to revive the economy with the adoption of (integrated), called for industry self-regulation and gave the right to join trade unions of workers of national industrial recovery Act. The Act requires that the fair competition codes are drafted to protect competitors, consumers and employers. The integrated unconstitutional Court declared two years after it came into force from the Supreme 1935. Later, Roosevelt built successfully passed the Walsh-Healey act in 1936.FunctionThe Walsh-Healey Act of federal standards for government contract work. Detailed requirements for age for workers who defined contract maximum time allowed for a week, the rate of pay for the work of Government and regulated working conditions Treaty. While the impact on contract workers was important, the Ministry of labour is mentioned by setting standards for a specific domain, Government contract work right "was most important direct impact, pave the way for a much wider wage and hour laws.", the precedent for legislation, further defined precisely, (EDF) was EinDoptée in 1938 and national law on wages, labour standards Act the hours andRecord - keeping .FeaturesIncluded in the EDF rules for the number of hours allowed in a week. The Act provides that "" each person by the contractor employed … Admisesde are work over 40 hours in a whole week. ", the amended law contains warning may be bypassed if the employer and the employee a agreement in accordance with the provisions of article 207 of the Fair Labor Standards Act signed from 1938." Article 207 EDF details additional compensation and leave standards. The law also stipulates, that this work in areas, which is made "unhealthy or unsafe or dangerous" restrictions for the health of the worker.LimitationsThe obligation law, can be used for the Government contract work. It prevents that men working less than 16 years and women under the age of 18 years the Government contract. Not banned also condemned in some conditions.ConsiderationsThe Government contract work 40 hours a week maximum if is an agreement between the employer and overtime pay of the employee. In accordance with article 207 of the Labor Standards Act is fair compensation for overtime once calculated and half of the rate of regular remuneration for work carried out over 40 hours in the week.

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