Monday, December 20, 2010

National Fair Labor Standards Act

The Fair Labor Standards Act lays down rules - for private and public environments, which include a federal minimum wage, overtime numbers rates and restrictions on child labour. 1938 Of original Act which is intended to avoid, that employers who which exhausted taking advantage of workers earn low wages since its inception has, follow legislators the rate of inflation and labour trends. Minimum WageEmployees companies with two or more workers must win $500,000 per year, or the hourly wage to $7.25 (effective July 2007) winning companies whether employees, the production of were for interstate commerce, according to the u.s. Department of labor. Domestic workers as babysitting agencies, full-time, aid and cooks must earn the minimum wage. Administrators employed; COMPUTER technicians earn just over $27 per hour. Workers in small farms. those who are employed by companies seasonal or recreation; and end of employees including more advice hired by the Federal Government $2.13 right other than the minimum wage paid Federal minimum wage salary may, according to the law.States your own reward; If it does offer the highest rate – federal or State - should earn more, after the Act department.OvertimeUnder hourly employees need covered paid time and a half hours rate exceeds a week 40 hours of work be. Wage and hour Division is this and other work - as with the minimum wage - laws.Overtime for various occupations is released. a single title determines wage if time-and a-half step applies but FairPay aims departmental program from, to clarify the question. KrawattenWebsite-- different ArtiKel, by way of derogation, or occupation, that help explain "White Collar" exceptions to the rules of overtime. Typically employees are exempt hours additional regulations.Child LaborEmployees between 14 and 19 years old can work the Department considers safe, in contrast to the mining and manufacturing - and $4.20 pay schedules for the first 90 days job to earn minimum wage under the law of the Federal Republic. Between 16 and 19 years old can work hours which can be in conflict with the provisions of the State indefinitely. but only work outside school hours and not before 7 A.m. or after 7 pm May 14 to 15 - year-old in General. Rules apply to children by their parents, child actors or newspaper carriers .Record KeepingEmployers covered hourly workers must keep detailed records that especially relevant hourly wage and hours work according to the Ministry of the employee. Including other required information: The time and day each week starts work worked hours work each day and hours per week. applicable overtime earned. Additions or deductions from wages. total paid per pay period. and each payment date.HistoryPresident Franklin Roosevelt d. 1938 signed the Fair Labor Standards Act in the law for the proposals of the "new deal" management, first offered on the economy and improving morale boost. Act - setting minimum wages at 25 cents and the maximum working week to 44 hours - developed are gradually to be met with a number of times that a refusal according to historian Jonathan Grossman, test "of 1938 fair labour standards Act: to fight maxim" ALE for a minimum wage. » Grossman, who has worked with the Department took note, that the Supreme Court repeated against stunde wages and work of children, such as its decision Adkins vs for children, voted until 1923 in the hospital, which the Court closely unconstitutional laws deemed a law of the District of Columbia to define the wage for women. At that time as the Court of Justice this type of public rule on private companies as unconstitutional, in accordance with the test.

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