Monday, December 20, 2010

Security HIPAA guidelines

1996 The u.s. Congress passed the health insurance portability and Accountability Act organized universal protection print security policies and confidential medical electronics. HIPAA Privacy RuleThe health insurance portability and Accountability Act rule protects the privacy of individually identifiable health information. It provides this information for their own health rights of the individual patient to get and good - .HIPAA Security RuleThe health insurance portability and Accountability Act security article sets national standards for the safety of health electronically stored information. Specifically, it allows the medical community to adopt new technologies for more effective and efficient patient care. Furthermore, the security rule makes it easier for the entities referred to transcription to reduce costs and medical information private printing format.Who must follow the HIPAA privacy and security GuidelinesHealth, publish health maintenance organizations insurance, employer health use doctors licensed coordinators, and public health service providers are only some of the "covered entities" must be followed by these laws. More specifically for these entities examples include recreational establishments, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, dentists and other individuals and institutions, which is directly in the medical field.Who, without that the HIPAA privacy and security GuidelinesPublic were districts and private school, the enforcement of the Act to follow local authorities, life insurers, employers, and other organized bodies, the already heavily protected health information they are not gesetzlichSicherheit follow guidelines for s national health information.

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