Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ontario's labour laws

Almost all employees of the Canadian province of Ontario are protected by labour legislation. The only exceptions are a small minority of employees of the Federal Government and several student workers. Ontario labour legislation was updated in the year 2000 and the rights of workers such as the minimum wage, overtime and the number of hours of work to cover. Minimum WageAs October 2009, the minimum wage for Ontario workers standard was Canadian $9.50 an hour and student workers must be paid at least $8.90 per hour. In March 2010 the standard minimum wage was $10,25 to increase an hour, $9.60 per hour for working students. Specific categories of workers are not automatically entitled to the minimum wage. Fishing and hunting are not always paid guides, home workers and liquor server an initial minimum wage, it is legal, October 2009.Hours employees to other State of work undertakes in writing OvertimeUnless, people work more than eight Ontario labour laws call hours per day. In addition, no employer may an employee more than 48 hours per week, serve should questions, unless you have been deleted by the Director of employment standards. Employees must be given legally at least once regular hourly wage, after 44 hours per work.Paid holiday all overtime, paid leave is to be paid. The Canada has nine holiday each year. The Department of labour market offers this Act apply to all workers regardless of their length of time at work, part-time, full-time or contract status or State student worker, fishing or hunting guides, home workers or liqueur server.Emergency d verlässte AbsenceLeaves absence without numbers to its position to protect, but Ontario are allowed in several circumstances in the labour legislation. Mother I leave without riskingyour work for an another 35 weeks of pregnancy is leaving 17 weeks. Fathers have 37 weeks paid parental leave, sheltered employment. Leave.Personal LeavePeople that leave employees for a business to work that support at least 50 regular employees can additionally protected persons who have a Familiarisationy member or someone hold how sick family falls take eight weeks of work. This unpaid leave and allows workers because of personal illness, injury or emergency situation take up to 10 days. This time about job protected offshore can use emergency medical or personal members of the family trend or died in the case of a beloved are.

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