Sunday, December 12, 2010

Who receives money from MSHA penalties?

Administration for the safety and Health operates security, under the federal mine and act on health, adopted in 1977. Safety and health violations found by the result of MHSA fines for my operators. The MHSA keeps his fines payment civil penalties. Treasury Board DepartmentThe MHSA sends each collected money penalties for the Department of the Treasury Board. Civil penalties are evaluated to promote compliance with the standards of the MSHA. Fresh MHSA service expenses, to finance their own activities. The private sector, training materials and publications in account are provided fees by level of education and the equipment used by the Department of Treasury's LaborThe approvals.Department the money received from civil penalties for the financing of the Ministry for work. The fiscal year ends in 2009 $141,178,621 were civil penalties value AmountsThe fine assessed.Examples minimum regular evaluation is $112. A death does the minimum period of notification not MSHA 15 minutes or serious violations is $5,000. Unjustified errors carry a minimum penalty of $2,000 or $4,000 in some cases. The maximum civil penalty is $220 000 per violation and is considered a violation. The size of your organization, history of injury and whether a company has a repeat offender all as issue fines.

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