Sunday, December 12, 2010


ArticleOPT, which the user also known as optional practical training is an advantage for F1 students to work off campus for one year experience to purchase selected range. Students are usually the OPT, when to get your degree. If a student receives a Bachelor's degree and gets an OPT a further OPT can get you when you register or Masters program graduates. Opt would to legitimate status as a student at least one academic year and you have not used up to 12 months before your current grade level. What are the phases of the application for a OPTDifficulty: ModerateInstructionsThings ll need: I 20I 94I 765$ 340 silver OrderGraduation letter1For proposals OPT, you should apply before the date of the graduation to OPT. A letter is stating necessary school Advisor program end date. Registering events for graduation standard graduation is not a letter for your consultant prove the level required. Pre-completion OPT requires no letter as long as your OPT in conflict with your homework. OPT part-time is available while you are in school, but you, can work full time during the summer. Forget not that if you receive graduate, an OPT if your view-pre-completion of a need to use you passport size to obtain two less than six months year. 2You OPT, photo with a simple white background colored. The photos must comply with the specifications of the USCIS photo or be rejected. Go instructions on the form 765 to and download complete. The form is you can OPT. u fill anwendenn an appointment with consultants for the students. Put all your I-20's, pass, map-94, letter the diploma and the form I-765. You will need $340 silver to paying b to USCIScreating. Foreign student advisors give a copy of a new I-20, that recommends that you OPT. Their new I-20 mail together all the documents that will be needed for the appropriate USCIS Centre. The International Student Advisor should be able to tell you what and where your forms. takes 3It post about 3 months for a SID.Please OPT approved will apply as soon as possible. You must end 90 days before the date of the end of the programme and up to 60 days after the date program apply. If you chose to leave the United States before sending your request to OPT for the 60-day period, you can return to apply the OPT. Once your OPT is approved, you must bring your card to ensure that international students Advsior can copy map and provide support with an I-20 for travel. You can get once your I-20 is supported, but it is, first a job full-time advisable, although your OPT for travel is approved. Immigration at the border entry agents can in a full-time evidence of employment upon you in the country

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