Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rights of the employee after

There are many federal laws to protect the employees. Most of you is federal employment laws dealing with the employer-employee relationships. They are often confused with federal laws work to purchase only on trade unions and employers. Below are a few important pieces of federal legislation that should be familiar with employees who work in the private sector. DiscriminationFederal labour laws protect current or potential of the different forms of discrimination in particular staff. Discrimination laws can apply to the setting, treating employees receive only committed while and the cause of termination if the employee is fired.Hiring LawsA person may be refused employment on the basis of their race, colour, ethnic origin, sex or their country of origin in accordance with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. People with disabilities can be banned from work for the Federal Government on the rehabilitation of 1973 in sections 504 and 505 action. The Americans with Disabilities Act protects people with disabilities to their disabilities under Title I work in the private and the public only on the basis and title of V potential employees can also be denied to employment solely on the basis of age, the age discrimination in employment Act, apply for applicants and employees will be paid on the basis of equality between the sexes in equal pay in 1963 different amounts equal pay get age over 40 good EmployedPeople protection identical or similar tasks should and can. Occupation health and safety requires (OSHA) Act in the workplace a working environment deploy, in danger or a risk to employees. Fair Labor Standards Act requires paidpay en overtime for more than 40 per week are hours and also vacation and leave time for employees.Judicial action must complaints for violation of the Federal Pr├ęc├ędentlois PA continued Court regulates civilian employees or potential employees. Charges of discrimination and other violations are typically based on employment protection actions or refusal of employment on the basis of perception discrimination.EnforcementFederal discrimination laws are by public fair employment practices agencies, with the U.S. equal employment opportunity Commission work applied.

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