Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Part-time workers

The idea of a balance, a full-time job with benefits for the health and holiday can not in the near future are present. Several companies are reclassified workers as "independent contractors", but some people feel this reclassification is wrong. On the one hand, the American Federation of labour and Congress of industrial organization, an organization of work, companies think misuse of the term "IC." On the other hand, companies do not affect the right existing and independent contractors with greater flexibility with their employees feel. Governing al - time LaborThe Fair Labor Standards Act, administered by the Ministry of labour, most of the major laws which correspond to businesses when dealing with employees covers. This law says the Federal minimum wage and prevent the exploitation of child labour. The Ministry of labour maintains also common complaints and disputes.What is part-time? the fair labor standards law makes no distinction between part-time workers and full-time workers, this effectively leaves regulate to businesses around itself, what is full-time. The FSLA said only, that time companies pay and a half for anyone over 40 hours of work must, but usually this the seasonal and includes temporary workers.Federal WorkersPart time Federal employees enjoy rights than their civilian counterparts. McNamara o service contract law ' Hara and Davis Bacon and related acts require companies to pay federal contracts and grants receive pay at least dominant region and benefits. The two laws cover also co-sponsored. "Independent contractors" AFL-CIO supports many companies avoid paying minimum wage e "t employees the benefits of calling"RN independent contractors. Laws federal employment come into conflict with claims of the AFL-CIO because laws are employment to cover the employees and not explicitly covers a "CI". The law recognizes no period between the two, force either / or the Classificationpersister. Companies can tell someone "CI" on paper, but according to employeeissues.com, still treat companies as would an employee without infringing the FSLA. Employeeissues.com, companies say try just, correctly classifying employees, because federal law uses a formula to the status of legislation 2009 employee.SolutionIn President Barack Obama presents potential for protection of the independent contractor. Bill independent contractor can protection of part-time workers and appease employers prevent retroactive proceedings against companies to classify workers. According to statistics, Ministry of labour, misrepresentation of the cost of employee status in the United States, about $4 billion per year in lost revenue.

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