Tuesday, December 21, 2010

HIPAA compliance regulations

HIPAA is the health insurance portability and Accountability Act of 1996. The Act consists of several categories and directives and regulations establishing the guidelines process requirements for health, as well as the rules of data protection and security. The Act has since its inception and has been changed recently in August 2002 with adherence to April 2003. Simplify administration provides national standards of HIPAA StatuteHIPAA health care HIPAA Administrative Simplification Compliance Act transactions. The Act provides that all health care looks, obliged centres and plan providers, the transaction code standards, unique identifiers for health and safety initiatives recognized. Identifiers should be used with some electronic transactions. It is the determination of the Federal Government that the use of these identifiers will improve the program of Medicare and Medicaid but also other federal and private health insurance programs and the unique identifier of the provider IdentifierThe general.National health care industry is known as the national provider identifier. This identifier is a unique 10-digit number assigned to each provider. The identification number is free of intelligence and therefore has no information about the provider other than his name. The provider is required for its identifier national provider on all electronic transactions and interest from the list. The supplier is also necessary to share the identifier with other providers, the need for companies and purposes.Privacy RuleHIPAA billing rule requires health insurance plans, companies and suppliers secure diemedizinischen records of their customers and personal health information. The rule sets the limits and conditions for the use of informationmillion on patients without the consent of the patient. In addition, the privacy rule provides patients with rights about your personal health, the right to check your files, how to get copies of your health records and request corrections to inaccuracies.The Security RuleThe security rule if the Department of health and human services (HHS) Secretary of Kathleen Sebelius powers from the application of the law of the Office for civil rights conferred on July 27, 2009, was created. This delegation streamlines the HIPAA standards for an organization manage Administration, law, investigation and resolutions, from HIPAA guidelines.The RuleIn from the application of the law establishing more rigid requirements of the application the law, the "billing", an addendum achieve HIPAA administrative simplification be rules for sanctions and fines arising out of any breach of administrative simplification. Privacy set penalties and fines for the violation of the rules before final rules. The rule allows companies to up to 2 years to the newly issued regulatory compliance. Small businesses have to meet three years.

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