Sunday, December 12, 2010

Policy of on harassment and discrimination

Federal laws and States prohibit discrimination or harassment on the basis of race of the individual, colour, ethnic origin, sex, pregnancy, religion, national origin, physical or mental disability, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, age (40 and over) or any "protected other status." Organizations must take the allegations of discrimination and harassment seriously and have a plan in place to solve problems when they occur. TypesDiscrimination and harassment comes in many forms. Discrimination on grounds of race of the individual, color, sex or disability or any "protected other status" occurs in employment, housing, education and other parameters. Harassment in the workplace as verbal or physical conduct crosses the line. Sexual harassment can for example, move or offensive comments men or women. This can happen between the members of the same sex. A friendly relationship with child can also take, the definition of sexual harassment.EffectsEmployers fail too aggressively address to deal with complaints of discrimination or harassment with an increase of tension in the workplace can, governmental investigations and litigation, expenses. Even poorly managed these abuses on an employer can have devastating consequences. Companies must get aggressive strategies to manage these problems. The first step is to identify the problem is and develop a policy in place. Supervisors, management, staff training and provide training and students.ComplaintsEmployee, students or anyone who has a complaint should follow the procedures of the Organization to examine the issues of discrimination or harassment. Management solves the problem not satisfactory gmarriages to the next equal employment opportunity Office or mail in a complaint. The U.S. Department of education for civil rights office manages accusations against schools receive federal funds. Take Sant├ęsoins h questions of discrimination in the U.S. Office of civil rights. The Department of and urban development (HUD) complaints of discrimination in the housing process. Examine the Justice Department to complaints about discrimination against people with disabilities. You can also submit, harassment and disability with the Office of State equity Opportunity.Time FrameYou claims your complaint within 180 days is where discrimination or harassment must make occurred with the body How to deal with your problem. If the State has legislation dealing with the question of discrimination or harassment, automatically extends the period to 300 days.Expert InsightThe regulatory site recommends the following suggestions to protect of your business and the formulation of an effective policy of harassment and discrimination: keep an open mind and thoroughly investigate all complaints. Real empathy and respect for the person, the complaint and make don't blame on individuals. Moreover, not retribution against those who for the manufacture of load and your company for investigation.Put policy procedures in PlaceMake, that everyone understands the Organization to discrimination or harassment policies and possible consequences. Planning can reduce negative environmental impacts and the possibility to find itself in a lawsuit. Students and workers can often information about human resources or the Dean of students Office.Understand laws relating to discrimination beziehenTion and harassment, interview with all stakeholders and interviews recorded. Handling the Frag(e) the confidentiality. You should cooperate with government investigations and your strategy and the law against violators approach.

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