Sunday, December 12, 2010

What is visa transferable?

There are several different visas for people in other countries want to work. United States, green cards, marriage visa and residence visas are a few examples of the visa that allows you to work in the United States as a legal foreigner. However, not all visa are transferable to other professions, if you, decide to change jobs. A visa is indicated if it is transferable when it occurs. VisaA visa is a document that is issued (often called stamp or sticker) for a passport that checks that the holder of the visa is a citizen of another country, but allows to give the country under the terms VisaVisa visa.Terms often define the duration approved, the expected behavior of foreigners and the reason for the visit. Reasons for visits are often tourist, transit, study or work. There are many other reasons, issued special circumstances.Work VisaWork visas, visas for foreign nationals are issued, received an offer of employment outside of your country of citizenship. Generally expire work visas, after the Visa cardholder separates from the company or at the end of the defined maximum time for foreign workers entering country.Employer sponsor must work visa need foreign workers have an employer sponsorship visa before an employee can country.Transferable VisaA type visa is transferable a visa work sponsorship can be transferred to another employer. If the employee has a transferable visa can leave his original place of work (the first sponsor) and accept a job elsewhere in the country. Agree by working on another site, the worker visa be transferred to a sponsor another employer.

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