Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Prevailing wage laws

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary indicated that the term "pay" was used by age, to refer to a promise or reward. The current definition of the content is "a payment usually money for work or services under contract, hourly, daily or exhibition".. .the Fair Labor Standards Act is the wage law prevailing in the United States. It is only replaced if SMIC state the Federal Republic exceeds minimum. Wage laws protect workers.History LawsAccording wages in the Encyclopedia Britannica, first modern wage Australia and New Zealand was in the 1890s. United Kingdom followed in 1909 by the establishment of the Board of trade, the minimum wage in certain sectors set. First minimum wage laws in the United States until 1912 appear when Massachusetts adopted a right cover women.Minimum, wages now existence in the country about Latin America, Africa and Asia, and increasingly industrialized countries.Purpose salary wage developments shall laws Lawton minimum uses the lowest wages at the work and in some countries sets the maximum number of hours work can be sent, work a given us week.Modern Federal salary LegislationThe Fair Labor Standards Act (doctor) was the first piece of the Federal Republic of requiring mandatory national wages and hours of work regulations legislation. It was adopted and implemented in 1938, the creation of a minimum wage of 25 cents an hour. EDF, has a maximum 44 hours-week in its first year established, refuses, 42 hours while the second year and 40 hours 2009 EDF, the EDF remains third year.In Act wage in WageUnder minimum U.S.Federal of EDF, minimum wage was prevailing ends adapted the Federal Republic, in force on 24 July 2009, to $7.25 per hour. Although there is no limit to the Anzahl of the hours an employee per week to work undercover nonexempt workers must be not less than one and a half Régulièrestaux hours overtime pay. The doctor puts employees who are exempt from the EDF to article 13 of the Act. Common exceptions include: commissioned sales staff; Professionals. Driver; Driver help Chargers and mechanical. Agricultural workers in small farms. Seasonal workers and recreational facilities such as parks attractions; Sales Executive, administrative, professional and external staff. See the 13 of the EDF section for more details about exemptions.A work week is set, by the EDF as "any period fixed and regularly recurring 168 hours - seven consecutive following periods of 24 hours." The doctor requires no remuneration for overtime on holiday weekends or regular days of rest, less overtime on this days.State LawsAccording salary for the U.S. Department of labor, 24 July 2009 is worked, only five States have no legislation on the minimum wage in force, including Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Tennessee. The Federal minimum wage applies in these states.A five States have minimum wage, the lower than the Federal minimum wage, including Arkansas, Georgia, Kansas, Minnesota, and Wyoming. The Federal minimum wage is to all in these States system event mask workers.The cover, the rest of the States have minimum wage meet or exceed the Federal minimum wage. In countries where the minimum wage exceeds federal minimum, State law pay there is.

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